October 31st, 2019: Update on Blue Bird Poppy Seeds

By Lone Goose Bakery | October 31, 2019

Update: November 25th, 2019

We are all caught up on Pre-Orders! We have an excellent stock built up and are very happy with the quality. Our shipping schedule is now back to the usual Shipping Policy. We are excited to be providing Blue Bird Poppy Seeds again!

With Thanksgiving coming up, I'd like to remind everyone about our Holiday Hours.

11/27/2019 (Wednesday): Short business hours, cut off at noon CST.

11/28/2019 (Thursday): Closed for Thanksgiving.

11/29/2019 (Friday): Short business hours, cut off at noon CST.

Thank you all for supporting Lone Goose Bakery!

Update: November 22nd, 2019

We have received a shipment of Blue Bird Poppy Seeds today, and they are high quality! We are packaging and shipping out orders in the order that they were received. If your order does not make it out today, we will be working late tonight and all day tomorrow to make sure everything is shipped out by tomorrow's USPS cutoff time. By Monday, everything should be back to normal.

Thank you all for being patient with us as we work on processing five weeks of Pre-Orders.

Update: November 20th, 2019

In order to process pre-orders more quickly once the seeds arrive, we will begin printing shipping labels 24-48 hours in advance.  This will likely result in an automated email being sent out stating that the orders are being shipped, and it will contain your tracking number.

It is important to remember that it will be 24-48 hours after the email is sent before your package is picked up by USPS.  You can verify your actual package status by checking the USPS tracking number.  The status will change from “Shipping Label Created” to “USPS is in Possession of Item” when the package is picked up.  We appreciate your patience understanding.

Thanks for supporting Lone Goose Bakery!

Update: November 2nd, 2019

We sent out all the pre-orders that our limited supplies allowed Friday, November 1st. While we filled a substantial amount of the pre-orders received, we were not able to fill all of the orders. We apologize for the unfortunate delay we are experiencing. Your order will be processed as soon as our larger shipment arrives. Again, we apologize for any inconvenience. We are doing all we can to expedite this process. Thank you for your business and your patience.

Update: October 31st, 2019

Our estimated shipping date for new Pre-Orders is now November 22nd. We have received a relatively small shipment of our Blue Bird Poppy Seeds, which will cover a large amount of the initial Pre-Orders. We were supposed to receive a more substantial portion of seeds, but due to shipping issues, our supplier in England is running behind schedule. Unfortunately, this is out of our control.

We will be fulfilling Pre-Orders starting tomorrow, November 1st, in the order that we received them. If your order is processed, you will receive an email confirmation. Our pickup time is usually around 4 p.m. CST, so you will not get updated tracking info until after that time.

We understand if you would like to cancel your order, but if you do, please know that if you choose to re-order, you will be at the end of the line. Our estimated shipping date for new Pre-Orders is November 22nd. If you have already Pre-Ordered and your order is not fulfilled tomorrow, November 1st, you will be first in line for our next shipment.

We wholeheartedly appreciate your patience. There's nothing we can do to expedite this process. We are doing everything in our power to deliver high-quality products to the best people in the world, you, our customers.

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