About Us

Lone Goose Bakery History

Here at Lone Goose Bakery, we are a small family-owned business that was created in 2017 to share our passion for baking. Our initial mission was to fill a void we’d identified for customer-focused baking companies prioritizing online sales. We accomplish this by selling high-quality baking ingredients at reasonable prices. These quality products are often difficult to find in other stores, so we use the power of the internet to offer to all of you online shoppers.

We also share our passion by providing entertaining content including detailed articles, recipes, guides, and videos. Since the very beginning, we have developed this site as a baking community dedicated to our readers and customers. We feel that informing all of you and helping you learn more about different aspects of baking is a big part of our mission, and it benefits us all. Your comments, messages, and reviews help us learn from you and increase the value of this community as a baking resource. All of our content is 100% free.

Our Focus

We’re dedicated to offering you the best customer service throughout your ENTIRE experience

Our primary focus is on serving all of you as customers and members/readers of our Lone Goose Bakery community. We enjoy supporting all of you, whether you are brand new to baking or an experienced operator of a large bakery. All of the products we sell and free content that we write are centered around our relationship with you. This encompasses your entire experience. We understand that your experience starts before you even decide to purchase from us and continues long after you have received your ordered items.  If you have purchased from us before, you know that we make sure to support you through the entire process.  We answer all questions in a timely manner and enjoy interacting with all of you.  This focus has helped us grow at a tremendous rate.  We are excited to continue serving our existing customers and to meet new customers as well!

Our Products

Our Lone Goose Bakery Online Shop opened by selling only a few baking items, and we’ve grown substantially over the years. We’ve taken our time to review each product prior to launch to ensure that they all meet our quality & consistency standards. Now that we’ve built a foundation of loyal customers, we receive many recommendations for new baking ingredients to offer.  We are dedicating a new team for product development, so you will begin seeing new listings more often. Let us know if you have suggested product listings that you would like us to carry!

Thank You

Thank you for visiting the Lone Goose Bakery website and taking the time to try and learn more about us.  We sincerely appreciate your support, whether you are a longtime customer or considering becoming a future customer.  Feel free to contact us with any questions.  We look forward to serving you!