Benefits of Buying Online vs. Retail

By Kristen | April 24, 2020

Dried poppy seed pod split in half spilling seeds

I always keep a variety of seeds around to use in salads, baking, and all sorts of recipes. My favorites are flax, chia, and poppy seeds. More often than not, I buy them in bulk and I store them in my freezer to improve their shelf life. See my tips here about how best to store seeds at home.

Buying Seeds in Bulk Quantities

Buying seeds in bulk quantities (one pound or more) is usually less expensive than buying them in small jars at the grocery store. I typically find bulk seeds at my local co-op, but buying seeds online in bulk makes good sense as well.

Benefits of Buying Seeds Online

The biggest benefit of buying seeds online is the convenience! You save time and effort by shopping online, eliminating the frustrating experience of driving around looking for a certain item only to find it out of stock. I also find that there are typically more options in terms of quantity and variety when buying seeds online.

Online retailers typically offer lower prices than their retail competitors. They also often offer rewards to loyal customers. At Long Goose Bakery, we have a points system that rewards you for every purchase you make. You may put these points towards future purchases.

There is something to be said for trusting your source when shopping online, and at Long Goose Bakery, you can trust that our products will be fresh and of the highest quality. Our customer support is second to none and once you’ve shopped with us, you will see why customers come back to our site time and time again. Click here for details about our points system.

Happy Shopping!

Kristen is a professional chef living, working, and playing in Washington, D.C.

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