Poppy Seed Price and Supply Update

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By Lone Goose Bakery | September 17, 2019

We wanted to take the time to give all of you a Poppy Seed Price and Supply Update. Every business is affected by the forces of global supply and demand, whether they want to admit it or not. Unfortunately, the global inventory of quality poppy seeds is currently off balance. As a result, we are forced to temporarily raise prices. One of the main problems has been that there are only so many English poppy seeds in the world that are high enough quality to become Blue Bird Poppy Seeds.


poppy seed price and supply

As many of our customers have already noticed, the current supply of English poppy seeds is not only limited in other countries, it has affected domestic U.S. supplies as well. Quality seeds are extremely limited across the country. This has compelled most other vendors have stopped selling them. Fortunately, we have done our best to plan ahead and have acquired a significant amount of our high-quality seeds to build up a small stockpile in advance.

Current Inventory Estimate

After analyzing the situation and the latest data, we estimate that our inventory will last for several more weeks, through mid to late October. This may change if there is a significant change in current trends. Seeds from the new harvest are expected to arrive in late October, which means any downtime will be limited. We will be offering a pre-sale on our seeds at a reduced rate if we do end up running out of inventory for that short period. Prices will return to normal levels when the new seeds arrive.

poppy seed market conditions

We realize that most of you own small to medium sized bakeries that rely on poppy seeds as a mandatory ingredient in your recipes. We are writing this post to help all of you realize the current situation and plan accordingly. We are all in this together, and we will make out through.


Hopefully this update has helped you discover more about the current poppy seed price and supply. We appreciate the support from all of our customers and look forward to continuing to serve you the highest quality poppy seeds from the new harvest.

Don’t let your seeds spoil

If you have adjusted to the poppy seed price and supply by building up your personal inventory, verify that your poppy seeds are properly stored to extend shelf life.


How have you been dealing with the current poppy seed price and supply issues? Any advice for other bakeries? Please share your unique perspective in the Comments section below. We read and appreciate each comment!