Baking With Poppy Seeds

By Chad | October 9, 2019

Poppy Seeds

Blue Bird Poppy Seeds™ can be put in almost anything and they add a wonderful amount of vitamins and minerals. Tiny kidney-shaped seeds that come from the dried husks of the poppy flower that we get from England. Fresh and untreated so that all your baking is worry-free.

We all love sweet treats and if you’re here then that means you love to bake. As great as they smell and taste they’re really not the healthiest choices for a snack. Well, there’s a way to help with that and it includes adding our Blue Bird Poppy Seeds™.

Baking Stuff With Poppy Seeds

It only takes a single serving size, or 1 once, to make those chocolate chip cookies a great source of Calcium holding 403 milligrams! Trying to make our Strawberry Poppy Seed Cake Roll? Well, get ready to see those thankful smiles on everyone’s faces while their bodies thank them for that nice amount of zinc they’re getting too!

Now they may not be able to counterbalance all the sugar and chocolate that many baked goods items have in them. But Blue Bird Poppy Seeds™ does include a massive lineup of vitamins and minerals. By adding some of this spice to that birthday cake you’re making you’re turning that large tower of sugar into something a bit more healthy and nutritious!

Big Energy In Small Seeds

As I’ve stated before poppy seeds are stacked with vitamins and minerals but they’re also a great source of energy. You can step over to our Blueberry Lemon Poppy Seed Energy Ball recipe page and learn how to make a great, healthy, energy full snack great for a kid's sports game or a great morning snack to get your day going right.

Maybe you’re not really into those sugary delights? Well, a nice Spring Berry Poppy Seed Salad can sit in for a treat. Everyone knows that fruits are a great source of nutrients and when you add Blue Bird Poppy Seeds™ into the mix it helps separate some flavors. And you can complement the vitamins and minerals you’re already getting with your healthy salad.

More Than Just Poppy Seeds

Though Blue Bird Poppy Seeds™ is our biggest product we also have other products like Chia seeds, Flax seeds, and Vanilla Beans. You can visit our recipe page where we update regularly and try and use all these products to help you all expand your culinary experiences. As always thank you all for stopping by to read and for shopping with us at Lone Goose Bakery! Have a wonderful day!

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