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We decided to harness the “Power of Vanilla” by offering our delicious 100% Natural Madagascar Bourbon Pure Vanilla Bean Extract.  Each bottle is packed with flavor; it has been loaded with multiple vanilla beans that have been scraped by hand.  We only use the most premium Grade A vanilla beans in our extract.  You will be able to see and taste the difference!

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All of our extracts contain multiple Grade A Madagascar Vanilla Beans that you will be able to see inside each bottle:

  1. 4 oz contains 3 beans
  2. 8 oz contains 6 beans
  3. 16 oz contains 12 beans

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More Info

We complete the extraction process by utilizing high-quality brandy.  The brandy has been chosen because it has a sweeter and smoother flavor profile compared to other spirits.

That’s it; our extract does not contain added sugars or any other ingredients.  Other companies use chemicals to “help” with the extraction, but not us!  We keep it simple so you are comfortable with our ingredients.

Our Process

We start with the best-sourced vanilla beans from Madagascar.  All of our bottles contain multiple vanilla beans.  We take the time to cut and scrape each vanilla pod by hand to loosen the vanilla caviar (the tiny dark beans contained within the pod).  This helps ensure all of the flavors are extracted later in the process.  We then place the vanilla caviar and the pods in individual bottles.

Now, we are ready to add our second (and final) ingredient, brandy.  We actually obtained this tip from a local resident that has been making small-batch vanilla extract for decades (shhh, don’t tell anyone!).

Every 1-2 weeks, we shake each bottle and inspect to ensure the extraction process is properly completed.  Each batch is aged 6+ months to ensure the optimal flavor is reached.

Our team makes sure to process our extract with love & care, just like you would at home.

What Makes Our Vanilla Extract Unique

  1. We make our extract in small batches to ensure quality
  2. The bottle contains the best beans sourced from Madagascar
  3. We pack each bottle with more vanilla beans.  MORE beans = MORE flavor!
  4. The beans are scraped and processed by hand
  5. Every batch is aged 6+ months
  6. Brandy completes the extraction.  No added sugar or any other ingredients

Any questions?  Feel free to contact our team and we will be happy to answer!


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Final Word

Many of you have been our dedicated customers from the very beginning. We really appreciate all of you and have loved serving you. Whether you are a longtime patron or a new prospective customer, feel free to Contact Us with any questions. We check our messages regularly and will get back to you quickly. Thanks for checking us out!

99 reviews for Madagascar Bourbon Pure Vanilla Bean Extract | Traditional

  1. The Beach Bakery (verified owner)

    These are good prices so I bought an 8 oz to last a while.

  2. Fay Rowe (verified owner)

    I usually like to utilize the LGB/Blue Bird vanilla beans for my recipes, but I don’t always have time to scrape the caviar by hand. This extract is another powerful substitute to add the wholesome vanilla flavor. For the baking newbies out there, you can tell quality vanilla like this by its appearance, flavor, and aroma. The easiest way is to take a small taste. Premium vanilla has a stronger flavor, the vanilla taste is deeper and more complex. It has multiple levels of vanilla flavor that saturates your entire mouth. Like another reviewer just said, a little goes a long way!

  3. Troy Roberts (verified owner)

    A little goes a long way!

  4. Ramona Craft (verified user)

    5 stars earned
    Pro Tip: Shake well before each use

  5. Wendy Numens (verified user)

    My aunt made vanilla bean extract for years and I absolutely loved it. Now that she’s unable, I started looking for another supplier and I came across this website and bought the 8 oz option. This has the same true vanilla flavor yet the vanilla taste is more potent in these jars probably because they use more beans. I’ll be recommending to the rest of my family.

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