Blue Bird Poppy Seeds – 4 Ounce (Sample)

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Would you like a cheap sample of our famous Blue Bird Poppy Seeds?  You’ve come to the right place!  This is a 4 ounce (1/4 lb) of our famous Blue Bird Poppy Seeds.  These are untreated with chemicals & fresh English poppy seeds derived from the poppy flower.

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Blue Bird Poppy Seeds are currently out of stock.

Blue Bird Poppy Seeds

This is a 4 ounce (1/4 lb) sample of the world-famous Blue Bird Poppy Seeds. Blue Bird Poppy Seeds are the very highest quality fresh poppy seeds sourced straight from England. If you are looking for bitter fresh poppy seeds, you have come to the right place. These poppy seeds are untreated and have not been washed with chemicals or anything else. They are harvested directly from the delicious English poppy flower.

Poppy Seed Warning

All poppy seeds may naturally contain trace amounts of soil and other plant debris. Any attempts to isolate and/or consume large amounts of this residue may be harmful or fatal.  Keep out of reach of children.

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We do our best to keep our prices as reasonable as possible. Our quality seeds are sourced from the top English vendors, and it is expensive to procure these delicious seeds. We feel that the cost is justified, and our loyal customers agree. We realize the importance of quality control and customer service, and we focus on providing the best possible outcomes in both areas. We look forward to serving you!

Final Word

Many of you have been our dedicated customers from the very beginning. We really appreciate all of you and have loved serving you. Whether you are a longtime patron or a new prospective customer, feel free to Contact Us with any questions. We check our messages regularly and will get back to you quickly. Thanks for checking us out!

9 reviews for Blue Bird Poppy Seeds – 4 Ounce (Sample)

  1. Aaron Slover (verified owner)

    Very cool of them to offer a sample increment – good seeds for sure! One of the better recent companies I have tried

  2. justinbrylski (verified owner)

    You Must Try These SEEDS YO!! Boom Bap! 😉

  3. Sandy Clinton (verified owner)

    These are amazing quality poppy seeds. I won’t buy from anyone else anymore. Totally natural and tasty.

  4. Colin Samples (verified owner)

    I ordered these to try their poppy seeds before I ordered in bulk, was very impressed with the quality and shipping time. Thank you LGB!

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