Poppy Seed Color

poppy seed color

Poppy seeds can come in many different shades and colors depending on the species and growing conditions of the flower. Our blog focuses on baking, so we will approach this subject with that angle in mind. Determining the poppy seed color is relatively simple but is often overlooked. Remember, each poppy seed color is unique…

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Poppy Seed Price and Supply Update

prices supply poppy seeds

By Lone Goose Bakery | September 17, 2019 We wanted to take the time to give all of you a Poppy Seed Price and Supply Update. Every business is affected by the forces of global supply and demand, whether they want to admit it or not. Unfortunately, the global inventory of quality poppy seeds is…

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A Discussion about Blue Bird Poppy Seeds

blue bird poppy seed discussion

By Lone Goose Bakery | May 16, 2019 I’ve decided to write a brief post describing some basics about one of our most popular products, our Blue Bird Poppy Seeds™. Many of you, our dedicated customers, will wonder why I am writing this post. This is a response to frequently asked email questions and misinformation…

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