Madagascar Bourbon Pure Vanilla Bean Extract: Nutrition, Extraction Process, Price

By Kristie | November 13, 2020

To celebrate the launch of our new Madagascar Bourbon Pure Vanilla Bean Extract, we want to make sure our loyal customers know the basics of this product. We’re talking nutrition, price, the extraction process, and other useful things to know if you have extract in your pantry — or are planning to stock up!

Ingredients & Nutrition

Our vanilla extract product is made with only two ingredients: high-quality brandy and well-sourced Madagascar vanilla beans. That’s it! Other brands may add water, sugars, and/or chemicals, meaning you won’t get as pure a product. But with our vanilla extract, you’ll get that robust vanilla flavor without any additives!

Since the vanilla extract is intended for minimal use in cooking and baking, it doesn’t add significant caloric or nutritional value to your diet. However, vanilla extract is one of those things that doesn’t taste better the more you use. For best results, focus on finding the sweet spot where you add just enough for flavor but not so much that it overwhelms the taste buds. Vanilla extract also has a high alcohol content, so be sure to consume it sparingly!

Credit: 2020 Creative Commons user jakehall

Extraction Process

Creating the best vanilla extract starts with the best beans. For us, we hand-select the best beans from Madagascar, the world’s top producer of the spice. Then we split the beans lengthwise and put them in bottles, where we then pour in the brandy used for the extraction process. Generally, vanilla extract is made with vodka, brandy, bourbon, or rum.

The brandy we’ve selected has a sweet, smooth flavor profile, which goes perfectly with the natural sweetness found in vanilla bean caviar. We’ve aged our batch for over 4 months, so the vanilla beans have had plenty of time to soak in the brandy to create a rich, luscious flavor. (The longer it stays in the liquid, the better!) Once it gets to you, just make sure to give the bottle a shake every week or two, so that the vanilla distributes itself equally.

Our final secret to first-rate extract? Making them in small batches. This allows us to keep a close eye on them and ensure quality over quantity — something that many top brands don’t do.


Vanilla beans themselves come at a high premium since good vanilla is painstakingly hand-produced from germination to end product. Thus, vanilla extract is also a premium product, which is reflected in its price.

We think high-quality, pure vanilla extract is worth the money, though. For one, you can taste the difference between pure, high-concentration extract and diluted, mass-produced extracts. The exquisite flavors you get from the pure stuff is unparalleled. And in the long run, it’s better for you, too!

Credit: 2020 Creative Commons user veganfeast

Tell Us!

If you decide to pick up some vanilla extract from our shop, let us know what you think of it! It’s a new product, so we welcome and appreciate all feedback!

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