How to Eat Chia Seeds

By Callie | October 10, 2019

Chia Seeds

Have you ever wondered how to eat chia seeds? Chia seeds are quickly becoming one of the most popular health foods on the market. The benefits are so powerful that it is commonly referred to as a Super Food. There are endless ways to prepare this wonderful food, and it can leave many people feeling overwhelmed. We have received many emails questioning preparation methods for chia seeds, so we've decided to address this topic in detail on our Lone Goose Bakery site. Discover how to eat chia seeds in fun and delicious ways on this post.

History of Eating Chia Seeds

Many people are surprised to discover the long history of humans consuming chia seeds. This crop was very important to ancient South American culture and commonly considered a staple crop. An ancient Aztec book, the Codex Mendoza, references the civilization's chia seed harvesting prior to Christopher Columbus's 1492 voyage. The seeds were so important, they were included in religious gatherings and utilized as a gift to the religious and political leaders. Many of the same areas that cultivate chia seeds today are located in the same historical areas where they have been planted for centuries.

How to Eat Chia Seeds | 3 Delicious Tips

Chia seeds have almost endless culinary uses, and they can add a significant health boost to many different meals and beverages. These small seeds also enhance texture and flavor. These are easy and delicious methods for adding chia seeds to your diet and here are the three easiest I found.

Chia Pudding

Easy to make and great for a morning snack on the go. With not requiring much prep or ingredients you can make multiple days worth in one prepping. Take the milk of your choice, either dairy-free or whatever is best for you, add some chia seeds, vanilla extract, and set it overnight in the fridge. Now you have a healthy breakfast to boost your day with!

Muffins, Bread, and Other Baking Goods

Many people use chia seeds as a substitute for egg whites when it comes to baking. Pies, banana bread, and muffins can all have chia seeds added to them to give these sweets a bit more healthy benefits.


After you've chopped up your fresh fruit added your honey or sugar throw in some chia seeds in your jam and let it sit in the fridge for around 2 weeks to get a fresh nice spread that is filled with nutrition and adds some consistency.

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Just like most of the products we sell here at Lone Goose Bakery you can use chia seeds in so many cooking recipes to just improve the flavor and make it just a bit healthier. We are known mostly for our awesome Blue Bird Poppy Seeds but we also have other products like Chia Seeds, Flax Seeds, and even Vanilla beans!

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