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It doesn’t matter what country you reside in, everyone likes delicious baked goods. When you are baking or consuming baked goods, quality matters. If you are in Canada and are looking for quality poppy seeds, you’ve come to the right place to discover the best Canada Poppy Seeds.

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In a Hurry?

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We ship to Canada!

If you are in a hurry (who isn’t these days?) and want to discover quality Canada poppy seeds, check out our Blue Bird Poppy Seeds. We currently ship to Canada with other countries coming in the future.


This guide was created to help you, our brothers and sisters up north, discover the best method for purchasing quality poppy seeds. It will help give you options for where to find poppy seeds, and it also contains tips for saving money.

Buying in Bulk

Increased food prices and inflation have affected Canada. We recommend buying poppy seeds in bulk to help save money. This is especially beneficial if you operate a bakery, even if it is a home bakery at a relatively small scale. Every bit you save matters, and it will save you or your customers money. Poppy seeds have a relatively long shelf life, if stored properly. Make sure to treat your purchased seeds with care to keep them tasting delicious.

Canada has many different tasty dessert recipes that you can make, even if you are visiting.

Grocery Store Poppy Seeds

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It is possible to buy poppy seeds in most Canada grocery stores; however, we recommend buying baking ingredients online. Several benefits of purchasing online are included in the next section. If you would like to buy poppy seeds by traveling to a physical store, we recommend buying from a local health food store or bakery supply store. Stores that specialize in fresh produce will often sell poppy seeds. The more specialized the store, the more knowledge they should have regarding their inventory.

Purchasing from smaller independent stores also has the benefit of helping out more family-owned businesses. Your money can have a big impact on someone’s life.

Buying Poppy Seeds Online

As stated above, we recommend purchasing poppy seeds online for several reasons. It is more convenient; you don’t have to leave your house. You have many choices at your fingertips. You can easily ask questions before/after your purchase on your own timeline. Prices online are often more competitive because online marketplaces require lower overhead expenses. Finally, you can read reviews to determine quality before you buy.

If you are looking for quality poppy seeds online, you’ve come to the right place…

Blue Bird Canada Poppy Seeds

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We have been shipping our quality baked goods to Canada for many years. We started after having many customers reach out to us asking if we ship to our neighbors up north. We have loved getting to know our Canadian friends, and we look forward to meeting many of you in the future.


Hopefully, this post has helped you discover some delicious Canada poppy seeds. If you live in another country and need access to yummy baking poppy seeds or other baking quality ingredients, contact us or leave a comment below and let us know where you are located.

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