Poppy Seed Size

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We all know that poppy seeds are tiny, but how tiny are they? We actually have been getting this question quite frequently. I had this idea to write a quick post about poppy seed size. You might think it is hard to write an entire post on this subject, but don’t worry! The fun will not stop there, I will then relate the size of the seeds to other off-the-wall comparisons! Ready? Let’s get started!

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The poppy seed size is less than .04 inches or ~ 1 mm. That’s is pretty small, and it means that you can fit a bunch of them on your next bagel! The small size helps poppy seed popularity as a spice; they are extremely tasty and versatile! Also, poppy seeds can have many positive health benefits.


Often things that are extremely tiny or quite large can be abstract, so it may be useful to provide you with some comparisons to give you an idea of the size of poppy seeds:

  • Around ~ 1,100 poppy seeds can fit inside the average marble.
  • Around ~40k poppy seeds can fit in a golf ball.
  • Poppy seeds are usually slightly smaller than chia seeds (chia seeds are actually oval-shaped).
  • Poppy seeds are the size of a fetus at week 4 of pregnancy. Maybe an easier way to say that is that a fetus is the size of a poppy seed at week 4 of pregnancy.

These comparisons are fun estimates for entertainment purposes only.

Poppy Seed Appearance

poppy seed size and shape zoomed in microscope

You might think that poppy seeds are round, but they are actually shaped like a comma; they are kidney-shaped. Poppy seeds also appear to be smooth with the naked eye; however, they are covered with indentions.

Poppy Seed Color

Poppy seeds can come in many different color variations, and they can even be different colors. The main poppy seed colors are blue, black, and white. The color of the poppy seeds can be based on the origin of the poppy seeds, and the different colors have different culinary uses. We prefer to utilize blue poppy seeds for baking, and you can learn more about poppy seed color comparisons on my related post.

To keep poppy seeds tasting fresh, learn the proper poppy seed storage techniques.


Hopefully, you had some reading this post and learned more about poppy seed size. While one individual poppy seed is tiny, when you add many of them together, it can be significant. That could be a larger metaphor or life lesson for you. At the very least, you’ll be able to state a unique fact the next time you see some kids playing with marbles :).

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