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Our Pure Almond Flour is flying off our shelves!  It is Gluten-Free and utilizes 100% natural almonds. We select the finest quality almonds that are non-GMO (not genetically modified) and are packed with flavor and nutrients.  Our delicious Almond Flour has become famous as a healthy alternative to traditional flour.  It’s extremely versatile and perfect for baked goods and other food products.

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We have dedicated our lives to developing this Lone Goose Bakery Community and are passionate about baking.  Flour plays a central role in baking and is used as a primary ingredient in many baked goods.  We’ve spent years researching flour, and we are finally offering several products in this important category.  This Pure Almond Flour surpasses our quality standards and has earned its place on the Lone Goose Bakery popular product page.

Our Pure Almond Flour has become a popular alternative to traditional flour due to its versatility, flavor profile, and health benefits. Recipes that include traditional flour can be adjusted to include this healthier alternative.  We’ll go more into detail on that topic and many others below:

Flavor and Texture

pure almond flour fresh almonds

Our Pure Almond Flour tastes like… almonds!

Lone Goose Bakery Almond Flour derives its smooth, rich, and slightly sweet flavor from the sole ingredient, top quality almonds.  The natural nutty taste is always present, and a slight hint of bitterness balances out the sweet undertones.  We utilize the best almonds because the way they are grown, harvested, and processed affects flavor.  Quality and consistency are the keys to creating a delicious almond flour that keeps all of you coming back for more.

We make sure to properly mill/grind our almonds to obtain the perfect super fine flour.  This smooth texture is optimized for easy use; it can quickly be measured and mixed into your next recipe.  Almond flour has a creamier color and heavier texture than our Organic All Purpose Flour made with wheat.

Pure Almond Flour | Health & Nutrition

This product fits perfectly in our mission to offer healthy and nutritious baking ingredients that we happily provide to our own families.  Our Lone Goose Bakery Pure Almond Flour is Gluten Free, Non-GMO, and Paleo Friendly.  There are several key benefits to using our almond flour:

  1. One Ingredient – Simple and natural, top quality almonds are the sole ingredient
  2. Gluten Free – Safe & healthy for anyone with gluten allergies, sensitivities, or following gluten free diets
  3. Non GMO – Made with natural almonds instead of cheap frankenalmonds
  4. Paleo Friendly – This nutritious flour fits in with Gluten Free and Grain Free diets

Almonds are the ONLY Ingredient

Our Pure Almond Flour is very simple and only has one ingredient, almonds.  This allows you to easily see and taste the purity, and we’re able to focus on selecting only the best almonds to be used in our flour.  Many other brands use other artificial ingredients to save money, but that alters the flour in a negative manner.  We promise to continue keeping our almond flour simple for our sake and yours!

Our Pure Almond Flour is Gluten Free

That’s right, this flour does not contain gluten!  This fact has helped propel the popularity of our almond flour, as many of you are baking/cooking with gluten free products for various reasons.  Gluten is a protein naturally found in wheat and wheat based flours.  The gluten is actually a binding agent that helps ensure that the recipe holds together.

Our Pure Almond Flour is Non GMO

This flour utilizes wheat that is not genetically modified.  This verifies that the grains come from a natural plant and not a genetically modified organism created in a lab somewhere.  What you put in your body matters, which is why we selected Non GMO almonds for our flour.

What Are Blanched Almonds?

Quality almond flour is made with almonds that have had their dark outer coating removed.  These almonds are referred to as blanched almonds.  It would be easier to mill/grind the entire almond, but the skin negatively impacts the flour’s texture, making it much more difficult to bake with.  Our Pure Almond Flour utilizes blanched almonds to avoid texture issues and boost quality & baking efficiency.

The blanching process might sound intimidating, but it is a simple straightforward process.  The almonds are soaked in pure warm water.  This loosens the dark coating, then the coating is removed.  At this point, the blanched almonds are ready for the milling process.

Our Pure Almond Flour naturally retains the almond’s rich flavor and nutrients.  It requires an additional process to use blanched almonds, but this work is rewarded.

Gluten Allergies & Sensitivities

This type of flour does not contain gluten, it is gluten-free.  If you have celiac disease, are sensitive to gluten, or you have a gluten allergy, you can use our Almond Flour.  We have many gluten-free options that we have launched to help our Lone Goose Bakery Community create delicious baked goods without gluten.  A majority of the flour products we offer are gluten free.

Gluten free is more than a marketing phrase for us, it’s a matter of supporting your health!

Adjusting Recipes to Substitute Almond Flour

Our Pure Almond Flour can be used as a healthier gluten-free alternative to standard flour.  It’s not a 1 to 1 substitute for standard flour; you will need to properly revise the amount of almond flour.  Here is are some quick tips to follow when using Almond Flour:

  1. Use less almond flour – for standard baking items (cookies, brownies, cakes, etc.), use 25% less almond flour.  If the recipe calls for 1 cup of flour, use 3/4 cup of Pure Almond Flour.  This does not apply to yeast baked goods like breads and rolls.
  2. Add a binder – since almond flour lacks the binding power of gluten, you should add a binder like xanthan gum.  We recommend using 1/4 teaspoon of xanthan gum per 1 cup of our Pure Almond Flour.
  3. Adjust oven temperature and bake time – I recommend lowering the oven temperature by 25° F and reduce baking time by 25%.  Remember – you can always add time, but you can’t unburn your cookies!
  4. Let it cool – After removing your baked goods from the oven, let them cool before removing from baking sheet.  Gluten-free items have a greater tendency to crumble when hot, but they get stronger as they cool.  I’m impatient, so this is a hard one.

Try to be as accurate with your measurements as possible anytime you are baking.  We all make mistakes as we experiment with new ingredients.  Just remember, these experiences are the best way to learn.  Keep baking with almond flour, and you’ll be a gluten-free baking expert in no time!


We pride ourselves on selling quality products at a reasonable price.  This helps accomplish our goal of building a relationship with you and spreading our brand as far as possible.  This flour fits that description, and we offer multiple sizes to fit your budget and baking needs.  We will continue to prioritize both price and quality into the future.

Final Word

We’ve been around for several years now, and many of you have been supporting us since our original launch.  Our Lone Goose Bakery website and community have grown immensely, but our dedication and loyalty to all of you have not changed.  We sincerely have enjoyed getting to know all of you, and we’re looking forward to growing our existing relationships in addition to making new ones.

Whether you’ve known us for years or this is your first time visiting our site, feel free to Contact Us with any questions. We check our messages regularly and will get back to you in a timely manner.

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