Poppy Seed Size

poppy seed size featured image with magnifying glass

We all know that poppy seeds are tiny, but how tiny are they? We actually have been getting this question quite frequently. I had this idea to write a quick post about poppy seed size. You might think it is hard to write an entire post on this subject, but don’t worry! The fun will…

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Rancid Poppy Seeds

avoid rancid poppy seeds

Poppy seeds are similar to most other fresh foods and spices; they can expire or worse… get spoiled. Foods with high oil content can become especially unpleasant, which in this case can lead to rancid poppy seeds. As food prices continue to increase, it is as important as ever to keep foods fresh. Over the…

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Poppy Seed Color

poppy seed color

Poppy seeds can come in many different shades and colors depending on the species and growing conditions of the flower. Our blog focuses on baking, so we will approach this subject with that angle in mind. Determining the poppy seed color is relatively simple but is often overlooked. Remember, each poppy seed color is unique…

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