Properly Storing Poppy Seeds for Freshness

As a baker, I always have a healthy stash of nuts and seeds in my pantry. One of my favorite mix-ins for quick breads, scones and muffins are poppy seeds. These tiny, blue-black round poppy seeds have a pleasant nuttiness to them. I use them as a substitute for walnuts or pecans in both banana…

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Extend Poppy Seeds Shelf Life

As food prices continue to soar, it is important to save money in new ways. One way I enjoy stretching my hard earned dollar is by avoiding waste and keeping my ingredients fresh. A great way to accomplish this is by learning how to extend poppy seeds shelf life. I’ve written this post as a…

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Poppy Seed Taste

poppy seed taste and flavor profile

For such a popular baking spice that has been used for thousands of years, many of us can still learn more about the flavor profile and taste of poppy seeds. Our team is constantly tasting different poppy seeds to determine the quality and flavor profile. These wonderful seeds can be used to many different recipes…

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Bulk Poppy Seeds | Save Money By Buying in Bulk

As inflation continues to hit many of us as individuals and businesses in the pocketbook, it becomes more important to save money in creative ways. We decided to launch a series of posts dedicated to helping you find ways to stretch your hard-earned dollars. If you are a business (bakery or grocer) that sells food,…

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Lemon Poppy Seed Ricotta Cookies Recipe

Lemon Poppy Seed Ricotta Cookies

It’s Father’s Day weekend and if you are looking for the perfect gift for the man who has everything, look no further! These Lemon Poppy Seed Ricotta Cookies have an unexpected ingredient that guarantees the fluffiest cookie you could ever imagine! Whip your dad up a batch of his new favorite cookie and maybe sneak…

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Cherry Poppy Seed Streusel Cake Recipe

thumbnail for the poppy-seed struesel cake recipe

Cherry season is in full swing, which made this recipe irresistible as I was walking through cherry-filled isles at the store this weekend! I have never been a fan of cherry flavored anything, it all just tasted exactly the same as the cough syrup I had to choke down as a kid. Then at the…

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