Oatmeal Poppy Seed Cookies Recipe

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Cookies are my love language. Not only are they great for snacks, I almost always have a way to turn them into breakfast! My very favorite cookie has always been Oatmeal Raisin. There is just something about the rich taste of butter with the brown sugar and oats that satisfy my soul! I was laying…

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Rise & Shine Gluten-Free Muffins Recipe

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We are back, Blue Birds! I apologize for the hiatus in recipes, we have been busy bees over here and are finally getting back in the groove of writing and publishing. We have added a new member to our recipe development staff; together, Kathie and I will continue to bring you all the tasty treats!…

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Blueberry Lemon Poppy Seed Energy Balls

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Who else needs a quick fix on the way out of the door or after a workout? These Energy Balls are packed with goodness, and easy to grab! I adapted this recipe from Ashley Fehr over at The Recipe Rebel, adding my own twist and of course our Blue Bird Poppy Seeds™! These are easily customizable,…

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Honey Poppy Seed Cookies

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You probably won’t be surprised that the way to my heart has always been through soft, chewy cookies. One of my earliest memories involving cookies revolves around one that my friends’ mom used to make. They were fluffy and chewy and oh so delectable! While I could never figure out what gave them the unique…

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Canada Poppy Seeds

canada poppy seeds with canadian flag

It doesn’t matter what country you reside in, everyone likes delicious baked goods. When you are baking or consuming baked goods, quality matters. If you are in Canada and are looking for quality poppy seeds, you’ve come to the right place to discover the best Canada Poppy Seeds. This post was written by a breathing…

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Poppy Seed Size

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We all know that poppy seeds are tiny, but how tiny are they? We actually have been getting this question quite frequently. I had this idea to write a quick post about poppy seed size. You might think it is hard to write an entire post on this subject, but don’t worry! The fun will…

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Poppy Seed Health Benefits

poppy seed health benefits with woman doing yoga

It is always a good idea to focus on your personal health and well-being. One of the biggest aspects of this includes your diet and what you decide to put in your body. Our shop section sells many different healthy food items from the baking niche, and one of the primary products is poppy seeds.…

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Poppy Seed Nutrition

poppy seed nutrition vegetables

It’s important for use all to focus on our health and what we put in our bodies, and there is contrasting info that exists on Poppy Seed Nutrition. We are all familiar with poppy seeds, but you may not know that these tiny seeds can be packed with nutritious vitamins and minerals. Some of the…

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Best Baking Poppy Seeds

Poppy seeds have been a popular spice for hundreds of years and have many different culinary uses. One of the most popular uses, and the one we enjoy focusing on, is baking. You probably don’t have time to research all of the different types and flavors of poppy seeds, so allow us to help you…

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Rancid Poppy Seeds

avoid rancid poppy seeds

Poppy seeds are similar to most other fresh foods and spices; they can expire or worse… get spoiled. Foods with high oil content can become especially unpleasant, which in this case can lead to rancid poppy seeds. As food prices continue to increase, it is as important as ever to keep foods fresh. Over the…

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