Simple Homemade Honey Butter Recipe

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This honey butter recipe was passed to me by a woman who truly was my second mother during my teenage years. I can remember several times that I walked in the door just as she was finishing a batch of this creamy, delicious butter. I can’t lie, I have been known to add this to…

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German Chocolate Cheesecake Recipe

German Chocolate Cheesecake with a slice cut out

Growing up, I was never a fan of cheesecake. Actually, I wasn’t a fan of any recipe that included cream cheese (If you are a fan, check out my cream cheese vanilla frosting recipe). The texture, taste, smell all turned my stomach. That is until I had this cheesecake! My friend’s mother had made it…

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Vanilla Sprinkle Scones Recipe

lone goose vanilla sprinkle scones on plate with vanilla beans

Scones are a truly timeless breakfast treat. Here in Oklahoma, we have been experiencing cooler fall temps, and I have never been more thankful to have some freshly baked scones on hand! I got the idea for these scones while flipping through a Baked From Scratch magazine. I made some tweaks and, of course, added…

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Oatmeal Poppy Seed Cookies Recipe

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Cookies are my love language. Not only are they great for snacks, I almost always have a way to turn them into breakfast! My very favorite cookie has always been Oatmeal Raisin. There is just something about the rich taste of butter with the brown sugar and oats that satisfy my soul! I was laying…

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Rise & Shine Gluten-Free Muffins Recipe

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We are back, Blue Birds! I apologize for the hiatus in recipes, we have been busy bees over here and are finally getting back in the groove of writing and publishing. We have added a new member to our recipe development staff; together, Kathie and I will continue to bring you all the tasty treats!…

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Natural Vanilla Bean Crème Brûlée Recipe

creme brulee with title written above

Creme’ Brulee is a dessert comprised of a rich, silky vanilla bean custard and topped with a strikingly crunchy layer of caramelized sugar.  I learned how to make this decadent dessert from a pastry chef but was always too intimidated to try it myself.  I finally mustered the courage to give it a try on…

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Blueberry Lemon Poppy Seed Energy Balls

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Who else needs a quick fix on the way out of the door or after a workout? These Energy Balls are packed with goodness, and easy to grab! I adapted this recipe from Ashley Fehr over at The Recipe Rebel, adding my own twist and of course our Blue Bird Poppy Seeds™! These are easily customizable,…

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Honey Poppy Seed Cookies

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You probably won’t be surprised that the way to my heart has always been through soft, chewy cookies. One of my earliest memories involving cookies revolves around one that my friends’ mom used to make. They were fluffy and chewy and oh so delectable! While I could never figure out what gave them the unique…

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Madagascar Vanilla Chocolate Chip Cookies

chocolate chip cookies with vanilla beans and chocolate chips

Hello, again my Blue Birds, it’s great to see you! You’ve probably had a crazy couple of weeks (haven’t we all), so I thought you might enjoy some tasty recipes! Hopefully, you have as much fun as we do baking, and it helps relieve stress in a delicious way. You’ve come to the right place…

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Vanilla Bean Cream Cheese Frosting

madagascar vanilla bean cream cheese frosting on vanilla cupcakes

I have always loved frosting! But one thing I don’t love is overpowering sweetness. Most frostings get too sweet, too quickly, BUT… never fear! I have mastered a perfectly balanced frosting that is sure to please even the pickiest dessert connoiseseur. This frosting is incredibly versatile, but we always love it on top of our…

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